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Just as you are

No limits, no ties. Be yourself and you will find people with whom you have a lot in common.

A safe place

Your privacy is our priority. You have the full control of your data. If you don't want, no one can discover who you are.

More than friends

A mirror is more than a friend, he is the prson who shares with you a lot of passions, thoughts, desires, hobbies and more. Every mirror can see just the facets that you have in common.

A journey of discovery

Discover and meet new people. Open your horizons and improve your life. Take your time and begin this journey together with the rest of the world.


Read What People Are Saying About Us

Esta podría ser su nuevo amigo

“Muy buena la aplicación,al principio no la entiendes,pero después poco a poco la vas comprendiendo.👍”

- Byron (Spain - Windows Phone 8.1)

A new friend for you... what are you waiting for?

“Smooth User Interface Pleased to use. Highly recommended.”

- Tyler Harvey (United States - Android 5.0)

Gabriel es tu nuevo amigo?

“Concepto interesante. La aplicación corre sin problemas.”

- Gabriel (El Salvador - Windows Phone 8.1)

Is Mustapha your new friend?

“Nice app but still need some few touches”

- Mustapha (Ghana - Windows Phone 8.1)

Dustin finds many new friends with Meerror

“Nice app awesome work and loved the concept”

- Dustin Feldt (Canada - Android 5.1)

Saiza recomments Meerror!

“Very useful It has been a great helpful app. I recommend it”

- Saiza Weber (Germany - Android 6.0)

Nalle from Finland


- Nalle (Finland - Windows 10)

Vikash is using Meerror from India

“Very innovative concept”

- Vikash (India - Windows 10)

Roberta is an enthusiastic girl from Italy

“So much applications! Works good in handy! Really useful.”

- Arceo Roberta (Italy - Android 4.4)

Ahmed from United States says that Meerror is great!

“Great app. And could be better”

- Ahmed (United States - Windows 10)

User from Canada


- Yong (Canada - Windows 10)

Vale potrebbe essere una tra i tuoi nuovi amici?

“Simpatica e originale! Spero aggiungerete delle emoticon personalizzate:)”

- Vale (Italy - Windows 10)

A Davide piace l'idea di Meerror. Curiosando tra le pagine dei diari degli altri trova persone interessanti'

“Mi piace l'idea! Funziona bene! Vediamo che succede appena troverò i primi mirror.”

- Davide (Italy - Windows Phone 8.1)

Sandy Cowell from USA says YES to Meerror

“Awesome Really good and easy with instructions :D”

- Sandy Cowell (United States - Android 5.1)

Giuseppe segnala che Meerror è un'ottima alternativa'

“Ottima! Ottima idea, alternativa agli altri social.”

- Giuseppe (Italy - Windows 10)

A Maria Antonella piace trovare nuovi amici con Meerror

“Carina xD”

- Maria Antonella (Italy - Windows Phone 8.1)

Ona from United States says that Meerror is awesome

“Amazing exactly i needed thank you very much keep up the awesome work”

- Ona Walker (United States - Android 6.0)


Here is a selection of the best passions of Merror users!


English passions

What are these highlights? Meerror users insert every day a lot of passions. We select the best passions and publish them on our social pages: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Do you want to discover more passions and meet the people that share theme? Do you want to insert yours? Get the app and start without registration!

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Learn more about the features and characteristics of Meerror

Extremely easy

Just like or unlike. With this simple choice you can find other people like you.

Free of charge

Free of charge and you can leave it whenever you want to


No personal data required to start.


Share your data only when you want to do that and with whom you want.


Everyone can truly express himself so that you can find people who really love what you love. Moreover, you won't find someone with just a couple of things in common with you, but a more concrete and complex match.
Merror on smartphone

Notification center

All notifications in one place.

You have the control

You can choose to see evetything or just something.


"Black and white", "White and black" or "Dark and light"? If someone has already said something similar, you can choose that version and be more effective in the research of your mirrors.


Every day you have a certain number of tokens to use, so that you can like facets and increase their number in many ways.


You can meet anyone in the world, it doesn't matter where he/she lives, it just matters that you both speak the same language, one of the languages supported by Meerror.


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