Meerror is an app to find new people that really like what you like. People that that have your same interests, passions, desires and so on.
Meerror is anonymous so that everyone can say what he/she really likes. It is based on a complex software that allows you to have a safe, funny, effective and secure experience.
Meerror works in a very simple way and it is organized in three phases:
  1. DISCOVER: here you deal with the facets and can discover new people. All your actions here are anonymous
  2. DIG DEEPER: you can talk to people contacted in the previous step and, starting from the set of facets in common, you can deepen the knowledge of the person through the chat.
    The chat is still anonymous, but you can write all that you want, including personal info (even if we do not recommend)
  3. DISCLOSE: this is the final operation. You and the other people mutually accept to share personal


At the beginning you can't do anything but discover new mirrors. In particular you can:
  • Like (or not like) facets given by other users (but you can't know who is the user behind the facet)
  • Insert your own facet to allows other user to like (or not like) on your facet.
  • Block facet you consider inappropriate (whatever "inappropriate" means for you): this influences the way Meerror selects facets for you.

Discover more

When you and another people achieve 33 facets in common you can start to chat. At this point you are "potential" mirror. In every moment each of you can decide to go back and remove the other from the chat.
In this phase, removing a person from the list of "my mirrors" means loosing the contact (as long as you have not already shared some private info).
This phase can last as much as you want to. You or the other person can send the request to become mirrors. When the other person accepts you become mirrors.


At this point you are mirrors and you can see each other profile. Obviously, if during the previous phase you had already exchanged your personal data, becoming mirror just has a symbolic meaning, since no new featurers are added. Consider that you can keep on commenting new facets, so that you can discover new things in common with the people you are talking with.
We use the term Facet to identify one (small) aspect of your personality. We all have thousands of facets that can be used to describe ourselves.
More practically, a facet is a sentence which represents a thought, passion, hobby, desire or generally speaking something that we like.

In general, a facet must be something you like (not something you don't like), as well as being enough specific (not too generic) and true.
A Mirror identifies someone with whom we have shared our profile. You could call this person just "friend", but we use the term "mirror" to strengthen this concept, because in some way a mirror is someone like us, as if we see ourself reflected in him/her. It is the sum of the facets that we have in common.
Well, too philosophical? :)

Then consider a mirror as a really best friend because you have a lot of things in common. Real things. No reason to cheat: no one outside you group of mirrors can know what you say.
Every day you can make a certain number of likes (or not likes) and every time you make a like (or not likes) a token is spent.
So, the more tokens you have, the more likes (or not likes) you can make.
You can obtain additional tokens in different ways such as by writing at least one personal facet per day or by using Merror for five consecutive days.
Despite its name, note that you don't have to pay money to take tokens: every day the system assigns a few to you. Each token is valid until midnight.
Moreover, when you finish your daily reserve (and the extra tokens obtained), you can just wait for the following day to use Meerror again.
Tokens just need to discover new mirrors. You can talk with you existing mirrors as long as you want and you don't need to use tokens for this.
Meerror is the name of the project (or of the app), while mirror is the term we use to identify a user that have a lot of things in common with you and with whom you have given access to your profile (and vice versa).
Well, good question :D
Let's say that 33 seems a number big enough because when you find another person with the same number of facets in common you can consider him/her an interesting person.
At the same time, it is not so big to make impossible to find someone.
It's a value that comes from common sense, maybe in the future it will be changed.
Everytime you insert a new facet, Meerror analyzes it and try to see if you have already inserted something similar (duplicate) or if someone other has already inserted something similar (similarity).


Repeating the same facet more times is not allowed because other people could match your profile just because you have said 33 times that you like "running in the morning when birds are singing".
This way a potential mirror would discover that he/she actually has just one thing in common with you and not 33 as expected.
Note that the system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze texts and it's able to find duplicates even if the text is different.
Moreover, if we recognize that your behaviour doesn't respect these guidelines we can close your account.


When the system recognizes that you are writing a facet similar to somebody's facet, it asks you which one you want to use. You can choose freely without any consequence for your account, but just note that if the other facet really has the same meaning, it could be better to choose that to increase the chanches of finding a mirror.
Well, it's like when you eat a pizza for the first time: you can love it, you may want to try a different taste or simply hate it, regardless of the taste.
The difference between trying another flavor or hating the pizza is actually the same as between "not like" and "block".
In the first case you do not like that particular kind of pizza, but that does not mean you can not try a different taste. Similarly, if you do not like a facet that talks about swimming, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to hate all sports in general.
The second case - the "block" - means a total hatred for the pizza, regardless of taste. The same applies to the facets: if you block one, it means that you do not want to hear anymore that kind of topic.
English, Italian and Spanish are the languages supported by Meerror now. We are going to support Portuguese, Russian, German, French and Swedish also
Note that the app, at this moment, is available in English only, but you can write your facets in one of the above languages.
In the future we would like to translate the app in many other languages.
To chat with someone you first have to discover at least one person with at least 33 facets in common with you. When you found it, you will see that person in "My mirrors" list, accessible through the menu.
Actually it's not. Other apps for chatting requires that you already know other people or, in some case, allow you to chat in anonymous and random way, without any other criteria.
Meerror is not an app for chatting, even if the chat is one piece of the puzzle.
Meerror connects who potentially have a lot in common and the chat allows them to know each other better.
Here are some characteristics to help you reply by yourself to this question:
  • you don't share contents with someone explicitely
  • you don't interact with someone that you already know
  • you don't have any public profile to share on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
  • the entire app is strictly based on anonymity
  • the purpose is not to get in touch with as many people as possible, but rather to get in touch with the people with whom you really get along (even if only one person)
No. Dating is not our aim, but, despite this, you can of course personally meet mirrors if they are enough close to you.
First of all, you don't have to insert any personal information (not even email) to use Meerror and, if you want, you can avoid to insert personal info totally.
In the discovery phase your privacy is guaranteed because no one is able to knwo who is the author of a facet. So you can write whatever you want (please, respect the guidelines).
In the second phase you can chat with potential mirrors and the chat is still anonymous. In this phase the protection of your privacy is up to you.
In the final phase the mirror can see only what he/she provides. So, if the personal profile of the other person is empty, even if your profile is completely filled, no information will be shared.
Note that when you use Meerror, we save your location for internal use. We never share any information with anyone and you can erase anything whenever you want.
You must be at least 18 years of age, or an adult according to the law in your country (if different from 18), to use Meerror. Any registration, use of or access to Meerror, by anyone under eighteen (18) is unauthorized and is a violation of the Terms of Services of the app.
Well, when two people become mirrors they can see each other profile. In a sense, this is the final aim of Meerror, but the interesting thing is that meanwhile you can continue to like (or not like) facets and still discover more and more things in common with your mirror you may not have thought of. :)
When you find a facet that in some way is inappropriate for you, you can block it. This influences how that particularl facet is suggested to other people.
Based on the filter settings, this could block one or more facets.
We want to offer a good experience to our users and this aim is achieved also through the selection of the right facets.
Of course the "right" facet is a personal concept and everyone has its own meaning for "right" facet.
Filters control the way Meerror selects (or rejects) facets for you. This is one of the hardest and most complicated feature to realize and we'll look for a continuos improvement for this.
At this time, filters can assume one of the following values:
  • Filter off: the filer is turned off the fil and you will receive any facet, regardless of its content or its status (for example, blocked by another user)
  • Social: this value considers the behavior of other users to foresee if you could consider a facet as inappropriate
  • Safe (default for new users): this is the most protective filter. In addition to the "social" effect, it also analyzes texts in order to exclude facets related to inappropriate themes (from a common sense point of view: pornography, drugs and so on)

Please, note that we can't guarantee the total effectiveness of the filters and, even if you have set the "Safe" mode, some facets could in any case be inappropriate for you and you should block them. In this way, time after time, the effectiveness of the selection algorithm will be closee to your desires.
Although Meerror has been tested for some time, we still need to improve and test some of its components. That is why we decided to release Meerror although in beta.
The beta version is stable enough to allow you to use the app normally, however at this beta stage we may decide to make some changes to the way you use the app or to introduce some new experimental features also.
In addition, some features are not fully available, but we need to try the app on the field to complete them.

That's why we decided to publish Meerror in beta and why remain it will remain in this version for some time.
We hope you will enjoy using it anyway
Sure, you can remove your account from our system. When you close your account we:
  • Anonymize all your private data (if any)
  • Notify your mirrors that you are no longer available (not the "potential mirrors")
  • Clear the local info on your phone related to your Meerror account: this allows you to start to use Meerror as a brand new user without reinstalling the app
Because of above procedures, closing an account is an irreversible process.
Meerror is a project of ZHEERO, an italian software house.

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