What is Meerror and how it works

a smart chat with the most engaging conversations

MEERROR is a smart chat that finds for you people with whom you can have engaging conversations based on your interests. Easy to use, no registration required, just choose your language and start to see other people's passions or insert yours. When you and another person have 33 passions in common, you can start to chat. Everything is anonymous as long as you want it.


How does MEERROR work?

  1. At the beginning Meerror needs to know your interests, what you like and what you do not like and everyday it suggest you a certain number of sentences
  2. You just have to click on "like" or "not like" for each sentence and, sentence after sentence, this makes you closer to those who have the same interests
  3. Of course, you can insert your sentences such as passions, thoughts, things that you enjoy doing, desires, dreams and more
  4. Meerror tries to select the sentences in order to find a person with your interests as soon as possible, but since we are all special, this step requires a bit of time… The average time required to find the first person to talk with is between 4 and 6 days
  5. At this point you can start chatting and continue judging the sentences, in orfer to find other people to talk to. Of each people you can see only the passions that you have in common and you can start chatting to better know each others
  6. If you wish, you can become *mirror*, a condition that allows you to view the other's profile, and discover information that other person may have decided not to exchange with you while chatting (and vice-versa)
  7. If you keep on using Meerror you'll discover more and more new facets of the people you are talking with. And you'll feel having new interesting conversations



  • Meerror pays great attention to your privacy: everything remains anonymous, and you decide when and if to reveal your personal data
  • Your mirrors (or potential mirrors) can see only the passions in common with you. Everything else remains secret
  • You can sort your mirrors according to different criteria, automatically hide the less active or delete them
  • Everyday Meerror shows you a predefined number of phrases, but you can increase this number by performing certain actions. For example, the first daily sentence you write is rewarded with additional sentences to judge or, even, using Meerror for 5 consecutive days you get a bonus
  • Meerror allows you to find people with your interests even if they live thousands of kilometers away. The only requirement is that they speak your language. For every (potential) mirror the app indicates the time zone; this way you can know when it's the best time to chat. This is especially useful during the first exchange of messages.
  • With filters, you can control the type of suggested sentences. You can find the filters in menu > SETTINGS.
  • The search is on even when you're offline. When it is someone else to get the last sentence in common with you, Meerror sends you a notification alerting you that someone is ready to talk
  • You can delete your data at any time with menu > PROFILE commands
  • In Meerror you can find people from many countries in the world, but also someone who lives in your own town. Who knows where your next mirror will be?
  • Meerror is a journey of discovery, looking for people that look like you, regardless of culture and residence



  • When you insert your sentences, try to be very specific and precise, avoiding things like quotations and aphorisms wich not really represent you, or sentences that contain multiple concepts. The more specific the sentences are, the greater the chance of finding those who really have something in common with you. Moreover, it will be much easier for the other person to understand if he/she really agrees with what you say
  • Block the sentences you do not like. In addition to passing or rejecting each sentence, you also have the opportunity to block it. Blocked sentences become hidden even to members similar to you, making their experience more pleasant. You can still view all the sentences by setting the filters.
  • Be sincere and do not be afraid to tell what you really like. Remember that no one but your mirrors (and potential mirrors) can see what you like and what you write
  • Avoid repeating the same concepts. Users with whom you talk might remove you from their list and mark you as an unreliable or uninteresting user, and this will reduce your chances of finding other people with whom to talk (of course, you can also remove the other mirror from your list)
  • Try to be "creative" in the chat and have a conversation based on shared interests. You can postpone questions such "What's your name?", "Man or Woman?", "Where are you from?" because maybe who is on the other side does not want to answer since the very beginning. Talk about the things you have in common, leaving temporarily suspended the most superficial aspects. It can be really fun and this way you can discover people with whom you have never thought having something in common
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